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Villa About Me

Villa Li

I'm a visual enthusiast with a degree in Arts Management. My passion for photography was ignited as I immersed myself in a niche magazine showcasing a diverse array of photographers, and imagining myself being one of them.


My style is mostly photojournalistic, embracing natural and romantic elements. In each wedding, my aim is to craft something different and unique, capturing a set of storytelling moments that reflect the essence of the day.


What truly drives me is the moment when my clients receive the picture, and tell me how they love them. Witnessing the beauty of couples starting their own families is a heartwarming experience for me. 


She made the entire process very easy

Villa did an excellent job in capturing beautiful and candid photos throughout our wedding day. She required hardly any direction and knew exactly what to do given the setting, timeline, and weather to give us the best pictures we could have hoped for. She made the entire process very easy.

couples sit together chatting in a garden

Emily and Jordan

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