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Hello, I'm Villa Li!


I am Villa, a DC based wedding photographer, and also a visual enthusiast. With a master's in the visual arts and over seven years of experience, I have honed a unique style blending in modern techniques that is characterized by timeless images of rich emotions.

Your memories are worthy to be documented. I would be very glad to be part of it.

Making Art with Your Own Memories

Life is too precious and beautiful to let our favorite moments with our favorite people go unremembered. I want to capture these lasting memories that subtly influence not only you

but also resonate through the generations to come.


She made the entire process very easy

Villa did an excellent job in capturing beautiful and candid photos throughout our wedding day. She required hardly any direction and knew exactly what to do given the setting, timeline, and weather to give us the best pictures we could have hoped for. She made the entire process very easy.

bride and groom sit by each other in a garden

Emily and Jordan

wedding couple's portrait in front of library of congress

some tips and tricks of wedding planning from the photographer point of view. I hope it helps.

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asian couples portrait in the brookside garden after their ceremony

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